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Petitti Garden Centers

Indoor Free
Gardens, Green
33777 Chester Road, Avon, OH
URL: Petitti Garden Centers  Phone: 440-937-0690

Activity Overview

The Petitti Garden Center is a family owned place aimed to grow plants and produce locally. There are numerous branches scattered throughout Northeast Ohio, all within a few minutes drive from Cleveland.

Things to Do

  • Attend an event - during certain days of the year, the garden center goes to several events as an exhibitor, the biggest one being the Great Big Home & Garden Show. There are also workshops that you can attend, such as the Fairy and Gnome seminar, among others.
  • Shop - You can buy your gardening supplies from Petitti: from seeds, saplings, flowers, and tools. You can even buy bird feeders & other birding equipment. Other things to buy include outdoor furniture.
  • Learn - On their website, they offer various how to videos that you can use to learn more on how to cultivate your own garden at home.

Petitti Garden Center Insider Tips

  • While the garden center is considered to have a lot of variety in terms of gardening supplies, plants, and the like, they are quite pricey so that's something to budget for.
  • It is free to walk around and look at all the plants. Think of it as a garden inside of a store. While mums may love this store (maybe even dads too), kids may not particularly adore the idea of going to a garden store where they don't get hands on interaction with some of the plants, except for some seminars they may offer.

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