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PEZ Candy Factory and Visitor Center

Indoor $
Birthday Parties, School Trip, Educational, Offbeat, Touristy, Special Needs
Orange, CT

Activity Overview

Enjoy a Candyland adventure as you visit the PEZ Factory and Visitor Center located in Orange, CT. The PEZ factory has been there as long as I can remember and to me feels much like Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory when the factory finally opened its doors to those with golden ticket.

For a small admission fee, you will get to see the inner workings and history of this iconic candy factory. Enjoy the pop culture trends that PEZ has represented over the last 83 years.

Things to Do

  • View the PEZ factory functioning and making PEZ candy in Real time with a look through the gallery windows.
  • Enjoy a self guided tour through the visitor center where there are different kiosks displaying the history of PEZ as well as various pop culture information and walls and walls of PEZ dispensers from then and now.
  • Play the PEZ trivia game and print out a certificate of achievement from PEZ.
  • Make your own video postcard memory.
  • For the fee of $5 you get a cute PEZ bucket which you can fill with any mixture of flavors that you would like.
  • Shop at the Gift Shop for an endless array of PEZ dispensers and candy, t-shirts, postcards etc.
  • Have a birthday party here!!

Pez Insider Tips

  • Every paid admission earns you $2 in credit toward PEZ merchandise for use on the same day. This can be found on your receipt. You will also receive a colorful lanyard as a visitor gift.
  • Visit Monday through Friday during normal business hours to see the workings of the factory actually making the PEZ candy in real time.
  • There are picnic tables outside and tables inside should you choose to bring your own snack. The only food offered is from vending machines and of course, the PEZ candy that is sold at this destination.
  • Albeit rather small inside, the Visitor Center is fairly stroller friendly, with the exception of getting the stroller up and down the initial set of stairs in the entrance.

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