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Piestewa Peak

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Piestewa Peak, Phoenix, AZ
URL: Piestewa Peak  Phone: 602-261-8318

Activity Overview

Piestewa Peak is the second highest peak in the Phoenix Mountains. Formerly known as Squaw Peak, the mountain's name was changed in 2003 since "squaw" is now often considered to be a derogatory term for Native American women. It is now named after Lori Ann Piestewa, the first known Native American woman to die in U.S. military combat, who was killed in the Iraq War.

Piestewa Peak is known for its thriving wildlife, diverse landscapes, and varied trails that are the perfect place for a family outing to explore Arizona's natural beauty.

Things to Do

  • If you're visiting with older children who like a physical challenge, go for a hike on the Piestewa Peak Summit Trail. This difficult 1.2-mile trail rewards hikers with amazing views of the Phoenix area.
  • Take photos from the summit of Piestewa Peak - on a clear day you'll be able to see nearby natural landmarks such as Pinnacle Peak, Four Peaks, the White Tank Mountains, and the Sierra Estrella.
  • Go for a hike on one of the park's easier trails if you have younger children. You may see fascinating animals such as jackrabbits, kit foxes, gila monsters, chuckwallas, and owls.

Piestewa Peak Insider Tips

  • Enjoy a family picnic at Piestewa Peak on a nice day. The recreation area has several picnic areas along its trails that are the perfect place to rest and have a delicious family meal surrounded by nature
  • Bring along plenty of water if you're visiting Piestewa Peak in the summertime - Phoenix is known for its scorching heat, which can dehydrate you quickly when you're doing activities like hiking.
  • Grab a pair of binoculars and go bird watching with little ones when they tire of walking. The park is home to over 50 bird species, including cactus wrens, mockingbirds, turkey vultures, quails, and hawks.

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