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Pinball Hall of Fame

Indoor $
Arcades, Cultural, Offbeat, Historical, Touristy
1610 East Tropicana Avenue, Las Vegas, NV
URL: Pinball Hall of Fame  Phone: 702-597-2627

Activity Overview

You may not want to admit to being old enough to remember playing old fashioned pinball machines and vintage arcade games on a regular basis when you were growing up, but whether or not you come from that generation you should love the Pinball Hall of Fame.

This site in Las Vegas is like a museum and an arcade rolled into one with hundreds of pinball machines and old arcade games that span decades of gaming. In a world consumed by playstations, x-boxes and wii's it can be refreshing for adults and kids alike to play these fun machines that feel like they come from a somewhat simpler time!

Things to Do

  • More than two hundred games in perfect working order are housed in the Pinball Hall of Fame. The majority cost between 25 and 50 cents for 3 to 5 balls though the more recent machines are more expensive.
  • The selection includes machines that stretch way back to the 40's and 50's. They are taken from the personal collection of the Hall of Fame's owner Tim Arnold who has collected over 1,000 in his lifetime!
  • Many of these machines are quite rare and it is a privilege to see right in front of you how these machines have developed through the years. To also have the opportunity to play them and re-live your childhood a bit makes a visit almost essential!

Pinball Hall of Fame Insider Tips

  • The Hall of Fame charges a fair price for the use of their machines and there is no entry fee.
  • All the staff are volunteers who lend their time to their passion.
  • Any extra revenue that is surplus to the requirements of the Hall's daily running is donated to the Salvation Army.

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