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Planting Seeds with Your Kids

In & Outdoor FreeApr May

Starting seeds indoors is a great activity to do with your kids this time of year. Not only can you save a lot of money by starting garden plants indoors, but the educational benefit is expansive.

We have some ideas and tips to get this process started. It's easier than you think.

Starting up Your Seeds

Seed-sowing supplies

  • Containers: 6 packs from last year's annual purchase will save you money, if you don't have those use containers from yogurt cups or egg cartons. A container needs to allow for extra moisture to drain. Simply adding tiny holes will do the trick.
  • Soil: Starting soil is key here to allow for you seeds to have even moisture and grow nice and quick. Not potting soil.
  • Lighting: South-facing windows are perfect. You can place your seedlings on a window sill.

How to Plant your Seeds

  1. Check the seed packets for the correct time-frame you should plant your seeds. You don't want to plant too far ahead.
  2. Read the proper depth the seeds need to grow. Warm water is a nice trick to soften the soil, but don't have any sitting water left over.
  3. Cover the container with plastic wrap to create a greenhouse effect to keep in moisture.

Seeding Care

Make sure the seeds get the benefit of morning light. It will maximize the growth development. Also, do not remove the covering until the plant is at least 2 inches tall. If two sprouts occur prune the weakest. Do not over water.

Harden off plants

Seedlings need time to acclimate to the outdoors before planting to reduce shock. One to two weeks before your planting schedule, have them experience the outdoors for a bit during the daytime. Bring them in during the evening hours.


Do this when temperatures are leveling out at 50 degrees and no frost is expected. Do this after the hardened off process.

  1. Dig a hole and add compost to the soil mix.
  2. Plant the seeds at the same depth in the original container.
  3. Prune off bottom leaves of tomato plants.
  4. Mulch is a great base for your plants.

Great Seed Selection Idea for Kids

Nasturtium: Pretty and edible! These will have hummingbirds visit.

Potato: Fun to dig these up when they are ready to cook.

Sunflowers: Kids love how they grow big and tall. Have them track height with a tape measure.

Beans: These grow fast and are popular first seeds. They can grow up poles and ladders. These are yummy to eat right off the vine!

More Ideas: Lettuce, peppers, heirloom tomatoes, marigolds, green beans, radishes and basil.

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