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Play a Game of Sounds Charades

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Activity Overview

Enjoy the fun non-competitive game of Sounds Charades. This game is a fun and interesting twist on the classic game of charades, except that you can make sounds instead of body motions. Players of all ages will have lots of fun and laughs as they attempt to recreate sounds that we hear in everyday life. In most cases, players have never even attempted to make these sounds.

Prepare yourself for lots of laughter and good fun with your friends and family members as you embark on this interesting game of the sense where it isn't what you see that matters but what you hear that does.

Materials Needed

  • index cards
  • something to write with

How to Play

  1. To set up the game, players think up the names of objects that make sounds like a toilet flushing, a jack hammer, a car, an electric toothbrush, a washing machine, and elephant etc.
  2. Write the objects that make distinct sounds onto individual index cards.
  3. Shuffle the cards.
  4. Set the timer for one minute.
  5. One player picks a card with the name of an object on it and discreetly looks at the card.
  6. Then that player has to imitate the sound that the object makes.
  7. The other players have to guess the object that's being imitated.
  8. The player who guesses correctly goes next.

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