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Play Don't Eat Pete

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Activity Overview

Play the game of Don't Eat Pete and keep players young and old coming back for more. This silly game of chance is quick and easy to play and appeals to all age groups. There are some small sweet treats involved in the game which may add to the popularity of this game.

Create a reusable game board with a computer or by using your drawing skills to create a different face for each square on a grid. The grid is then covered with a small piece of candy on on each square. One person is sent out of the room while the others conspire and choose which character square will be designated as Pete for that round.

The player comes back into the room and selects a candy one by one trying to avoid picking the candy that is on top of Pete's face. If they successfully avoid Pete, they can eat the candy that they pick up until they pick Pete and their turn is over. the object of the game is to avoid Pete altogether so that you can get as many candy pieces as possible to keep for yourself and eat.

Materials Needed

  • Card stock Paper
  • Computer with clip art and printer
  • M&Ms or other small candy pieces
  • Note that you may also draw on the card stock instead of printing if printing is not an option.

How to Play

  1. Create a grid that resembles a Bingo board on a piece of card stock. We used the computer to generate a 5 x 5 grid.
  2. Next select clip art of various faces and insert a different face onto each square on the grid.
  3. Place one piece of candy in each square.
  4. Send one person out of the room.
  5. Pick a piece of candy on the grid to be Pete.
  6. Call the person back in the room but don’t tell him/her which face is Pete.
  7. The guesser picks up candy one piece at a time. If the candy is not Pete, the guesser is allowed to eat it. If the candy is Pete everyone calls out Don't eat Pete and that person’s turn is over.
  8. Reset the board and send another person out of the room and repeat until everyone has a chance to play a round.

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