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Play Music on a Blade of Grass

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Activity Overview

Try playing music with a blade of grass while playing outside or camping. This is a fun activity to try as a group, as it takes some trial and error to learn the skill. When you achieve the desired result, you will form a high pitched whistle. You will create quite the nature band with this new boredom buster

Materials Needed

  • A thin flat blade of grass

How to Do It

  1. Select a thin flat blade of grass. Very wide blades of grass that have a crease don't work as well. I
  2. Hold one end of the blade of grass between the tips of your thumbs.
  3. With your thumbs slightly bent, press the bases of both thumbs together, catching the other end of the grass between them.
  4. Straighten your thumbs out to pull the blade of grass nice and tight but without breaking the blade.
  5. Scrunch your your lips slightly.
  6. Put your lips right up against your thumbs and blow so that the air goes between your thumbs and over the blade of grass. It should make a high-pitched whistle sound.

Daja M.
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