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Play the Classic Game of 20 Questions

Indoor Free
Educational Games, Word Games

Activity Overview

Keep inquisitive minds of all ages engaged and sharp by playing the classic Game of Twenty Questions. The object of this fame is to ask up to 20 questions questions that can be answered in the form of yes or no that will get you closer to identifying a selected object object.

Try to link questions and build upon them so that you can best narrow down an answer. This is a great game to play while awaiting your meals at a restaurant, while sitting around the dinner table, or even on car trips. It is fantastic for keeping minds of all ages on task and thinking.

Materials Needed

  • 2 or more players

How to Play

  1. Choose one person to start. This person must think of an object. To make the game easier, he or she can classify the object as animal, vegetable or mineral.
  2. One at a time the other player ask questions about the object that can be answered with yes or no.
  3. Players continue asking questions until a total of 20 questions have been reached. At that point they can guess an answer. They are able to guess earlier but if they are wrong they are eliminated from the game.

  4. If the object is not revealed by the end of the 20 questions, then the person who can came up with the object reveals it and gets to go again.
  5. If a player correctly guesses the object, they now become the chooser of the secret object and the former chooser takes a place as a guesser/ asker of questions.

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