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Point State Park

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Point State Park, Commonwealth Place, Pittsburgh, PA
URL: Point State Park  Phone: 412-565-2850

Activity Overview

Point State Park is located at the tip of downtown Pittsburgh, at "the Golden Triangle". The park has a captivating historical importance, it commemorates the historic heritage of the area during the French and Indian war. Three rivers merge at the tip of the Golden Triangle.

The beautiful park is spread across an area of 36 acres, a 100-foot tall fountain is the trademark of the point state park. The beautiful landscape and widespread lawns make it a perfect place for family picnics.

The park gives beautiful views of the city, a paved promenade circles the river, the history of the park is symbolized by various monuments, plaques and markers through out the park. The park is a national historic landmark, and it is easy and free to public access.

Things to Do

  • Families can have many fun-filled and adventurous activities at the park. Families and kids can enjoy motor boating, different types of recreational boats are available at the vicinity.
  • Many warm-water fish species can be found at the three rivers, including catfish, sauger, pan fish and wall-eye. Families can enjoy fishing while having a picnic at the grassy landscape. The state laws for fishing and boating apply.
  • Hiking and biking trails are available at the park. The great Allegheny passage rail trail, a 141 miles of hiking and biking trail, provides a unique opportunity to hike, travel and learn about national culture and politics.
  • The Fort Pitt museum gives an insight into the birth and the history of Pittsburgh. The wonderful museum houses numerous artifacts, and offers various exhibitions for its visitors.
  • The only authentic remain of the former Fort Pitt is the Fort Pitt blockhouse that is free and open to public access.
  • The fountain operates daily, and the circular basin of the fountain is a popular place with sunbathers.
  • The park not only provides a spot for many outdoor activities, kids can play all sorts of outdoor games. It also gives beautiful sights of the city.

Point State Park Insider Tips

  • Pets are allowed only under certain guidelines.
  • Visit the official website for information on the festivals held at the park.
  • Food stands can be found.

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