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Pool Noodle Kickball Croquet

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Activity Overview

Upcycle those inexpensive pool noodles and create a fun and fabulous game of Pool Noodle Kickball Croquet. Family members of all ages will enjoy some active time together out in the yard creating and playing this enjoyable twist on a classic lawn game. Play the game of croquet with your feet and a ball or leave kit up as an obstacle course for kicking the ball through of for little participants to crawl for kick the ball through.

Materials Needed

  • Pool Noodles
  • Garden Stakes
  • Soccer or playground ball.
  • Utility knife to be used by an adult

How to Make and Play

  1. Have an adult cut several pool noodles in half long wise.
  2. Use your two garden stakes for each pool noodle and insert the garden stake through the base of each end of the pool noodle and into the ground to form arches in various areas of the yard.
  3. Give each family member a ball and challenge them to kick the ball through the croquet arches.
  4. The first person to get the ball through all of the arches is the winner.

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