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Pool Noodle Marble Run Racetrack

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Activity Overview

Quell boredom and keep young minds engaged for hours with this easy to make pool noodle marble run racetrack. In a couple of simple steps, you will be on your way to the races. Use any elevated structure around the house to raise or lower the incline of the pool noodle racetrack. Experiment with how the incline effects the speed of the marbles. Thanks to the trusty shoe box, the marbles will be safely contained once they cross the finish line. Please note that marbles are choking hazards and caution should be used in the presence of kids under the age of 3.

Materials Needed

  • 1 pool noodle
  • 1 shoebox
  • small marbles
  • scissors

How to Make It

  1. Cut a pool noodle in half down the center.
  2. Trace the end of the pool noodles next to one another on the top edge of the side of your shoe box.
  3. Cut the two half circles out of the shoe box side.
  4. Lay the pool noodles on a stairwell or a couch or other elevated surface.
  5. If desired, create a finish line flag out of two straws and a piece of paper. Write FINISH on it and tape the bottoms of the straws to the inside of the shoe box on either side of the pool noodle halves.
  6. Take your marbles and let them roll down the center groove in the pool noodle. The marbles will land neatly inside the shoe box when your racing is complete.

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