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Potato Bling

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Activity Overview

Set aside a few potatoes from your dinner preparations and create some fancy jewelry beads that can be made into necklaces, bracelets, and backpack charms. Potatoes for dinner has never been so good. With a few simple steps, a little patience and some vibrant paints and glitter, you will be dazzling the world with your bling.

Materials Needed

  • a few raw potatoes
  • potato peeler
  • a sharp knife
  • kitchen scissors
  • wooden or metal skewers
  • acrylic paints
  • paintbrushes
  • glitter in a variety of colors if you have them
  • yarn or twine

How to Do It

  1. With adult supervision, peel some raw potatoes.
  2. Next use a bread knife to slice them into small potato cubes.
  3. If you'd like to add some definition and character to your beads, you can carve letters or shapes or patterns into the
  4. Carefully push the skewers through the centers of the potato cubes and stack them onto a wooden skewer.
  5. Leave the skewer out in a cool and dry area for a couple of days. During this time, the potatoes will shrivel up, lose their moisture and becoming quite hard to the touch,
  6. Whole the potato pieces still remain on the skewer paint them thoroughly with acrylic paints.
  7. Once the beads are completely dry, slowly remove them from the skewer.
  8. String the beads onto a piece of yarn or twine and measure to loosely fit your neck, ankle or wrist. Tie off.

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