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Potato Stamp Sail Boats

Activity Overview

Use a potato to stamp your way to creating an adorable sailboat. With a few simple cuts by an adult, you can create stampers in the the shapes that would form a lovely sailboat. Use the stamper as many time as you like and then toss them in the compost pile when you are done. You can also have fun using different colors for the sails to make each of your sailboats unique. Once created the stampers are easily used by crafters of all ages.

Materials Needed

  • A potato
  • A sharp Knife
  • Paint
  • Paper

How to Make Them

  1. Cut your potato in half and then cut one of the halves in half again and then take half of that and slice it in the half so that you have two triangles. If the are not triangular in shape, have an adult shape them into a triangular sail shape.
  2. Take the other piece of the potato and dip the half circle shape in paint. This will be the bottom of your boat.
  3. Press this painted side on the paper with the curved section on the bottom.
  4. Take a paintbrush and paint a straight line going straight up a few inches from the center of the boat bottom for the mast.
  5. Use the triangular shaped potato slices and dip them in paint. You can use different colors if you like because these will be for the sails.
  6. Stamp them on either side of the mast.

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