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Powell's City of Books

Indoor Free
Educational, Offbeat
1005 W Burnside St, Portland, OR
URL: Powell's City of Books  Phone: 503-228-4651

Activity Overview

Immerse in a huge block full of new and used books! With an area of more than 68,000 square feet packed with paperback and hardbound covers, Powell's City of Books is the largest independent new and used bookstore in the world. The place lives up to it's name and book lovers of all ages will surely feel right at home.

Things to Do

  • Families will be amazed at the sheer number of books arranged per topic such as travel, history, philosophy, hobbies, and children's books. You or your child will surely find a book of your interest.
  • A map is provided so you can find your way inside the store. The store is 5 floors high and going through the different sections can easily take a couple of hours. Kids can try their hand at navigating.
  • If you are getting overwhelmed by the huge number of books in the massive bookstore, start going through the Staff Picks displayed on each floor. Discover new authors and new favorites through their recommendations.
  • Visit The Rare Book Room and read through some of the most expensive and rare, first edition copies of books. The area is open only during weekends.
  • Purchase a book, get some coffee, and settle in one of the cozy nooks in the coffee shop inside the bookstore.
  • Check out the bookstore's events page and see if your favorite author is coming to town. Author events and exhibits are held at the Basil Hallward Gallery.
  • Get funky souvenirs from your trip to the City of Books. Merchandise such as shirts, mugs, and caps are available for sale.

Powell's City of Books Insider Tips

  • Come early to get a parking slot. Avoid peak hours as the bookstore can get really crowded.
  • If you have a particular book in mind, call the bookstore for reservation and scheduling of pick up.

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