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Quaking Bog

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Quaking Bog, Minneapolis, MN
URL: Quaking Bog  Phone: 612-370-4903

Activity Overview

The Quaking Bog is a smaller area found within Theodore Wirth Park, a 759 acre public park within a 5 minute drive from Downtown, just over I-394. It is the largest park in Minneapolis - almost the same size as New York City's Central Park.

A quaking bog is an area of sphagnum moss (also known as peat moss), decaying vegetation, rushes, and sedges on a pool of water (as per Robert Morgan). This particular area in the park is at least 5 acres big, and is great to see in all seasons.

Things to Do

  • Hike - the quaking bog hiking area is accessible by a floating boardwalk to preserve the grass that lives there. Oftentimes, the path may feel squishy (you are walking on peat after all, so it may tend to undulate depending on weight and other factors). It is widely advised that you stay on the trail while you are hiking to preserve the habitat and also avoid any potential accidents. This is best experienced during the warmer months.
  • Ski - some areas of the Theodore Wirth Park are used for cross country skiing. You can also sign up for other winter sports classes like snowboarding, and snowshoeing during the winter time. Prices are affordable for both the equipment rental & the lessons.
  • Play golf - the park has its own golf course!

Quaking Bog Insider Tips

  • Get to the park early to get a parking spot if there is an event - spots go quickly!

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