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Rain Game

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Activity Overview

Create your own furious summer rainstorm with this follow the leader activity which actively involves players of all ages.In this activity, players will follow the directions of the leader's actions while keeping their eyes closed. Participants will create an overature of sounds with their bodies that mimic the sound of an intense rainstorm from its inception to its retreat.

Materials Needed

  • None
  • At least 3 people
  • A Quiet Spot

How to Play

  1. All players sit quietly on the floor and start the game with their eyes closed.
  2. The leader begins the rainstorm by rubbing his or her hands together. One by one each person in the circle adds to this by doing the same.
  3. When everyone is rubbing their palms together in unison, the leader then makes the storm grow louder and stronger by snapping his or her fingers. One by one each player shifts their sound making to follow suit.
  4. After everyone is snapping their fingers, the leader switches to slapping his or her thighs to recreate the sound of heavy rain. One by one each player follows this action.
  5. The leader can also add some thunder to the rainstorm by stomping his or her feet. The others will slap thighs and stomp their feet until the room is filled with the sound of a full fledged summer storm.
  6. Once the storm is at its peak, the leader will then start to calm the storm by reversing the order in which the sounds were made and returning to the initial softer sound of hand rubbing and light rain and eventually silence.

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