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Rainy Day Picnic


Activity Overview

If a rainy day has dampened your plans for a fun day outdoors, embrace a cozy indoor day with a Rainy Day Picnic. Picnics are always fun because you will be spending time together and mixing things up by eating in a new location. It's amazing how a simple event like this can really create the best of memories for your family. As I look back, one of my favorite times was when we would order Chinese food and we would all sit on the floor and eat at the coffee table in the living room.

Materials Needed

  • Large blanket to sit on
  • A picnic basket or tray to carry food on.
  • Food and drinks for your picnic
  • Utensils and plates if needed
  • Optional Game

How to Do It

  1. Engage the family in preparing an impromptu picnic lunch. Use what you have or order in. You can do something different each time. Finger foods and sandwiches work well.
  2. Pack your picnic supplies and food onto a tray or into a picnic basket.
  3. Pick out a spot in your home and lay your blanket out on the floor.
  4. Serve your meal with everyone seated on the blanket.
  5. Tell stories, play I Spy, play a card game, practice your opposites, or tell jokes. Laugh together and connect as you share your meal together.

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