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Recycling Tips for Families


Kids can learn from a very young age the benefits of going 'green'. Having compassion for our environment really starts early in life. Here are some easy ideas to get you started teaching your children what Eco-friendly actions will last a lifetime.

1. Take time in Nature

When families take time outdoors a love for it is established. Take a hike, bike ride, walk on the beach or a trip the mountains. This will provide a joy for the earth and the beauty it can provide.

2. Eliminate Plastic Bags

Start using tote bags when you go to the grocery store. Plastic bags are just so terrible for our environment because they really fill our landfills and simply remain in them for several hundred years. Kids can see this one simple action and make a big impact! Shop Local. Shopping at your local farmers market and local shops is a big money saving move and cuts down on fuel and packaging. It also strengthens you local community.

3. Click off Electronics

Teach your children to turn off lights when they leave a room, to turn off televisions and computers when they are no longer being uses. Unplugging electronics also helps the environment.

4. Sort Recycling

Have your kids help you identify and sort recycling. Teaching them the various codes is a wonderful education. If your community recycles then place all the items in the appropriate bins for them to pick up.

5. Recycle Paper

Every American uses several hundred pounds of paper every year. If an entire family reduces their use it will really help. Show your child the recycling symbol and show them what it means and where to recycle their paper in the home.

6. Conserve Water

Try and turn off the tap when you are brushing your teeth and take quicker showers. Run your dishwasher when it is completely full of dirty dishes and wash clothing when you have a full load.

7. Donate or Sell Unwanted Items

Have a garage sale or donate your unwanted items. Never have the mindset to throw items away. Take the money you earn from your garage sale and donate the money to a good cause.

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