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Richmond Underground Gaming Center

Activity Overview

Richmond Underground Gaming Center is an entertainment facility located in Richmond, Kentucky, which is approximately 25 miles south of Lexington. It offers military-themed laser tag experiences, an arcade, video gaming, and airsoft, a safer and friendlier version of paintball. If you're looking for an attraction that your teen might enjoy, Richmond Underground Gaming Center is a great place to visit.

Things to Do

  • Play a game of laser tag! Once you choose your weapon, you'll be able to compete against friends and family in the indoor arena in a variety of game scenarios, including VIP and Team Death Match.
  • Try out airsoft, a game similar to paintball! Airsoft is an outdoor military-themed simulation game in which you use simulated rifles to shoot 6mm biodegradable projectiles at your opponents while playing various games.
  • Check out the arcade, which has dozens of games that you can play in order to win prizes.

Richmond Underground Gaming Center Insider Tips

  • If your family likes games like laser tag but wants the thrill of running around outside, try airsoft - it isn't as competitive as paintball since players are never "out", even when they've been hit.
  • When you're ready for a break from laser tag or airsoft, head indoors to play your favorite video games on the same network as your friends while you eat some pizza.
  • Have your teen's next birthday party at Richmond Underground - they offer party packages that include either laser tag or airsoft!

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