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Riddles Riddles and More Riddles

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Riddles Riddles and More Riddles

Stretch the minds of your family and friends with this grouping of silly and challenging riddles. Both adults and children will enjoy the challenge and humor that practicing riddles provides.

What can you put in a glass but never take out of it?

A crack

What is pointed in one direction and headed in the other direction?

A pin

If an egg went floating down the Nile River, where did it come from?

A chicken

What has a foot on each side and one in the middle?

A Yardstick

What did Christopher Columbus see on his right hand when he discovered America?

5 fingers

Every morning the farmer's wife made eggs for breakfast. They owned no chickens and she never got the eggs from anywhere else? How is that possible?

They were duck eggs

What invention allows you to see through walls?

A window

Why does the flamingo stand on only one leg?

Because if she lifted both legs, she would fall down

What happens to a refrigerator when the power goes out?

It loses its cool.

What is the longest word in the world?

Rubber, because it stretches

When can a net hold water?

When the water is frozen.

What flies when it is on and floats when it is off?

A feather

What can break by speaking only one word?


What gets harder to catch, the faster that you run?

Your breath

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