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Rittenhouse Square

Activity Overview

Rittenhouse Square is a beautiful public park in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania that was one of the original five parks designed in the city. The heart of the Rittenhouse neighborhood, this historic park is a popular place to enjoy a family picnic in the shade or go for a relaxing stroll through the trees. It is also known for its wonderful selection of public artwork, including a number of impressive sculptures and a gorgeous reflecting pool.

Things to Do

  • View Lion Crushing A Serpent, a beloved bronze sculpture by French sculptor Antoine-Louis Barye in the park's central plaza, which symbolizes good, represented by a lion, conquering evil, a snake.
  • Visit the Evelyn Taylor Price Memorial Sundial, a beautiful sculpture of children holding a sundial shaped like a sunflower, as well as the nearby Giant Frog sculpture.
  • As you explore the park, look for other popular sculptures of animals, including Billy, a bronze billy goat, and an impressive piece by artist Paul Manship that depicts a young girl carrying a duck.

Rittenhouse Square Insider Tips

  • Bring along a picnic lunch to eat in the park or stop by one of the many famous restaurants located in this desirable neighborhood.
  • Attend an event in Rittenhouse Square! The park frequently hosts public events such as a spring festival, art shows, craft fairs, and a farmer's market.
  • Don't miss the park's annual Christmas tree lighting, which features displays of over 5,000 colorful holiday lights.

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