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Rivers of Steel National Heritage Area

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623 E 8th Ave, Homestead, PA
URL: Rivers of Steel National Heritage...  Phone: 412-464-4020

Activity Overview

Rivers of steel national heritage area is a center for promotion and preservation of region's biggest steel making giants. Southwestern Pennsylvania was the steel making capital of the world from 1875 to 1980. The heritage area was created by the congress in 1996, it encompasses an area of 5,000 square miles and includes 6 counties.

Many buildings, industrial sites and landmarks are a part of the heritage area. The site promotes conservation, development, heritage tourism and education through a variety of tours, exhibits and educational programs. Families can have a unique experience at the industrial heartland and steel giant that has many stories to tell, and links past ventures to the future.

Things to Do

  • The heritage area boasts and hosts many exhibits, among these exhibits are "Bost Building exhibits", rooms have been restored in the Bost building for public viewing. Artifacts and photographs help you identify with the history and culture back in 1892. An exciting computer Kiosk displays a documentary on the battle of homestead.
  • Families can visit the homestead room that is a permanent exhibit featuring unique artifacts. Exhibits are held at the historic pump house, a Sunday heritage market at the pump house enables visitors to enjoy the history, support local artisans with some good food and music.
  • Explore more of the Big steel on a visit to the mill towns of homestead, and the mountains of Fire.
  • Docent-led tours are available to the Carrie blast furnaces, adults and children will get to learn about the iron and steel making process at the historic site.
  • Two field trips are offered to the students, "Mansion to Mill town" and "Life on a $1.65 a day".

Rivers of steel national heritage area Insider Tips

  • The site has uneven grounds, make sure to wear good walking shoes.
  • Bring water bottles.
  • Visit the official website to get updates on current exhibitions.

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