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Rose's Berry Farm

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School Trip, Healthy/Active, Adventurous, Green
295 Matson Hill Rd, , CT
URL: Rose's Berry Farm  Phone: 860-633-7467

Activity Overview

Reap the rewards of picking your own berries in the scenic setting at Rose's Berry Farm. On Sunday mornings, the farm offers an incredible farm fresh breakfast overlooking the scenic views of the vast farms and orchards in the area. You are certain to enjoy the very friendly atmosphere and the luscious freshly picked berries. Our family never misses a season of berry picking at Rose's.

Things to Do

  • Start your Sunday off right with a farm fresh breakfast with a gorgeous scenic view at the Main House by the parking area
  • Pick Your Own Blueberries, strawberries, and raspberries depending on the season
  • Shop at the Farm stands on Hebron Rd. and Matson Hill Rd.
  • Shop at the quaint country store at the Matson Hill location.

Rose's Berry Farm Insider Tips

  • There are two farm locations, so be sure to call first to find out field conditions and where they will be picking on a given day.
  • Blueberries and strawberries are sold by the pound, but the raspberries are sold by the pint, so make sure that you fill up your pint container.
  • The tractor wagon will bring you up to the fields and comes by about every 10 minutes or so, but more frequently on busier days.
  • There is seating under the gazebo while you wait for your tractor ride.
  • I highly recommend the breakfast with a view. It's a scrumptious treat for the Sunday picker.
  • Plan to arrive early, as those summer picking days can certainly get very hot. You might want to bring along sunscreen and a hat as well.
  • Drinking water is conveniently available at the picking stands
  • Be sure to hold on to your little ones and personal belongings on the tractor ride to the fields. It can be hilly and bumpy and there are open barred sides and no seat belts.
  • Picking containers are available at the picking stands as well.
  • You will pay for your berries in the cute country store. Credit Cards are accepted for purchases over $10

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