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Safari Zoological Park

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1751 County Road 1425, Caney, KS
URL: Safari Zoological Park  Phone: 620-879-2885

Activity Overview

The Safari Zoological Park in Caney, Kansas allows kids to get up and close to all kinds of exotic animals. The committed staff and team of volunteers provide fully guided tours around the entire facility where you can see over 100 different types of species. The owners of this private zoo and very religious and believe that beauty of God's creation can be seen in the wonders of nature which He created. It is their intention to share what they can of those wonders with everyone who wants to visit the Park.

Things to Do

  • If you want the best experience at the Park you could consider booking a VIP Special tour. This includes the standard zoo tour along with a wrist band that allows you to take photos with many of the animals like the hedgehog, giant snake, alligator, giant tortoise and the kangaroo. You will get a feed bag for the animals too.
  • And in case watching them eat gives you an appetite you will have an hour to spend in the Park's Serengeti Tree House to enjoy your own picnic.

Safari Zoological Park Insider Tips

  • You can get a cute picture of your kid on of the Park's elephant statue when you go. Just ask about it when you arrive.
  • The Park offers a satisfaction guarantee so that if you genuinely don't feel that your visit is worth the price of admission they will grant you a full refund. That shows their confidence in the service they provide!
  • The Park closes in late Fall until Spring. The Park's hours can be somewhat irregular even during the times of year when it is operating its "normal" hours so it can be a good idea to ring ahead.

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