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Salt or Sugar Tray Art Activity

Indoor $
Sculpting, Art Projects

Activity Overview

Create a salt or sugar tray which can be manipulated on the surface with a craft stick, comb or even your fingers. Toddlers and young children will enjoy creating temporary artwork by moving salt or sugar around the surface of the tray. Make roads for cars and trucks to maneuver or use a paintbrush to swish around the tray. Create endless scenes or simply move the granules around to create different designs and patterns. Start over again and again by swiping a craft stick across the tray.

Materials Needed

  • A cookie sheet or a wooden or plastic tray
  • A couple of cups of sugar or salt
  • Combs and craft sticks

How to Play

  1. Pour a couple of cups of sugar or salt onto a cookie sheet or tray.
  2. Set your toddler up with some craft sticks and combs.
  3. Demonstrate to your child how you can move the sand and salt around by using the comb and craft stick as tools. Hold craft sticks on their sides or use the tip.
  4. Create pictures or simply move the granules around for fascinating fun

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