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Salt River Rafting

Outdoor $$$$
Whitewater Rafting, Healthy/Active, Adventurous
6826 East Edgemont Avenue, Scottsdale, AZ
URL: Salt River Rafting  Phone: 719-539-3555

Activity Overview

Salt River Rafting is a company located in Phoenix, Arizona that provides rafting trips down the beautiful Salt River. Enjoy the scenic beauty of the White Mountains as you float down the river with the help of experienced guides who are well-equipped to navigate the rushing waters.

Families with children as young as 7 are welcome to book a fun family rafting adventure with Salt River Rafting. Most people choose to do the half-day or full-day rafting trips, but you can also go on a multi-day trip that includes camping in the beautiful Arizona wilderness or design your own custom trip!

Things to Do

  • If you're a bit nervous about your first family rafting expedition, try the half-day raft trip, which allows adventurers to explore the Salt River for a couple of hours until the group stops for a lunch break. If you're having fun, you can always decide to upgrade your trip and continue your journey for the rest of the day.
  • Families that already love both rafting and camping should try one of Salt River Rafting's multi-day rafting trips.
  • The 20-mile raft trip that takes two days allows you to enjoy a full day of rafting, camp overnight with your gear ready for you at their outfitter base near the campground, and continue down the river over exciting rapids on your second day.
  • Choose the trip that's right for you! Learn more about all of Salt River Rafting's various trips on their official website.

Salt River Rafting Insider Tips

  • Check the FAQ page on Salt River Rafting's website to see what you need to bring along on your rafting adventure. They provide most key rafting necessities such as life jackets, paddles, wetsuits, and first aid equipment, but you will need to bring your own sunscreen, hats and water bottles.
  • Don't plan to do a multi-day rafting and camping trip unless your children are over the age of 12. However, kids as young as 7 are able to participate in single-day trips depending on intensity of the river flow.
  • If there's a Boy Scout in the family, consider doing the Boy Scout Whitewater Merit Badge trip, which helps Boy Scouts earn the Whitewater Merit Badge as they learn about things such as hand signals, how to use inflatable boats, and river classification.

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