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San Juan Safaris Whale Watching & Kayak Tours

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6 2, Friday Harbor, WA
URL: San Juan Safaris Whale Watching...  Phone: 800-450-6858

Activity Overview

San Juan Safaris is a company based in Friday Harbor, Washington that provides whale watching and kayak tours. It is located on San Juan Island, which is approximately 100 miles northwest of Seattle.

San Juan Safaris offers a wide selection of whale watching and wildlife tours that are sure to leave every member of your family amazed and enthralled. If you're looking for a memorable family wildlife experience, book one of their many excursions!

Things to Do

  • Take a 3 or 5-hour whale watching tour! In addition to seeing majestic orcas, you'll also have the chance to see other wildlife such as bald eagles, porpoises, sea lions, otters, and seals. You might also see impressive minke whales, gray whales, or humpback whales!
  • Go on a kayak tour with older children, even if you've never been kayaking before. San Juan Safaris supplies all the equipment you need in addition to providing a friendly guide who is knowledgeable about marine life.
  • True nature enthusiasts can book a multi-day tour or a custom tour in order to have a longer, more memorable whale watching experience. Learn more on their website!

San Juan Safaris Whale Watching & Kayak Tours Insider Tips

  • If you're wanting to go whale watching during a trip to Seattle but don't want to drive all the way to San Juan Island consider the Whale Plane option, which provides direct flights between downtown Seattle and the Friday Harbor docks.
  • Come prepared for your time on the boat - bring along sunglasses, sunscreen, a windbreaker, and boat-appropriate shoes, as well as water and snacks if you're taking a longer tour. Don't forget your camera!
  • Check their official website for more information on packages, deals, and special discounts, including a discount for military families.

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