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Sand Dune Park in Manhattan Beach

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Sand Dune Park, Bell Avenue, Manhattan Beach, CA
URL: Sand Dune Park in Manhattan...  Phone: 310-802-5410

Activity Overview

Manhattan Beach's Sand Dune Park is exactly the place to come if you are looking to get into shape. Essentially the park is exactly what the name suggests, a large sand dune that rises high up above the roofs of the houses in the surrounding neighborhood. Plenty of individuals and teams come here to wok out. The Dune is steep and the sand is deep so reaching its summit can be hard work as your steps fall away beneath you. A few times up and down here and you will certainly be feeling the burn!

Things to Do

  • Don't worry that the Dune is only for fitness freaks, you can bring your kids along too. There is a family and children's play area at one section of the Dune and also a set of steps for people who would prefer a more leisurely route.

Sand Dune Park in Manhattan Beach Insider Tips

  • After much debate and disagreeing between the city council and groups of residents in the in the surrounding areas it was decided that a reservation system would be put in place to regulate the Park's usage. This controversial move limits the amount of people who can use the dune at one time and requires them to pay for and book a one hour time slot in advance. More details on the reservation system can be found here.
  • If you can try and get to the Dune during the cool mornings, the sand tends to heat up quickly in the afternoons. If you go when the sun is out then before to don a pair of socks to protect your soles from a scolding!

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