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Sandpaper and Crayon Transfer Art

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Activity Overview

Try Sandpaper Transfer Art for your next open ended art project. Draw your art work on the rough side of a piece of sandpaper and use and iron to iron on the design. The artwork will transfer from the sandpaper to the fabric or paper. This art project is great for all ages, but requires parental supervision for the use of a hot iron.

Children of all ages will love seeing their masterpieces displayed on clothing or pillow cases or even transferred to paper. This project makes a fabulous keepsake and gift for family as they are certain to be treasured and proudly displayed by all who receive them.

Materials Needed

  • Iron
  • Medium coarse sand paper
  • Crayons
  • Plain white paper or fabric

How to Make It

  1. Use your colorful crayons to draw a picture or design on a piece of sandpaper.
  2. Color in your drawing using both darker and lighter strokes and using blending of colors.
  3. Flip the colored sandpaper over onto a blank sheet of paper or on a t shirt or other piece of fabric.
  4. Turn your iron on medium heat and iron the entire surface of the back of the piece of sandpaper for several minutes.
  5. If your have transferred your art to a piece of fabric, then place the fabric piece in the dryer for 30 minutes to set the crayon art. Wash separately for the first washing.

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