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Scandinavia House

Indoor $$
Art Museum, History Museums, Cultural Museums
58 Park Ave, New York, NY
URL: Scandinavia House  Phone: 212-779-3587

Activity Overview

If you are of Nordic or Scandinavian origin or just have a fondness for all things Nordic and Scandinavian, you should make sure that you and your family head along to Scandinavia House–The Nordic Center in America. The center was established in New York City by The American-Scandinavian Foundation in the year 2000. Since then, Scandinavia House has spent over a decade focusing on the preservation and exhibition of Scandinavian and Nordic history.

Things to Do

  • Be sure to take the children to visit the Heimbold Family Children's Playing & Learning Center. Your little ones can head along to either the activity room or the sensory room. There's also a fine selection of some of some of Scandinavia's most famous toys such as Lego and Brio.
  • Enjoy the fine examples of Scandinavian and Nordic art.
  • Take home a marvellous Scandinavian or Nordic souvenir of your visit to Scandinavia house. You could also pick up a gift for any friends or family members who weren't fortunate enough to be able to visit the center with you.
  • Are you hungry or thirsty? Consider stopping at the Smörgås Chef @ Scandinavia House for a bite to eat or something to drink. This is definitely the place to go for a different type of fantastic cuisine. Did we mention that you can also take in a movie?

Scandinavia House Insider Tips

  • Be sure to check Scandinavia House's Kids & Families section for family-friendly events and activities that are taking place in the center.
  • Why not learn a language at Scandinavia House? Don't forget that children are incredibly receptive to learning new languages.

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