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Secret Handshakes...If You Don't Have One, Make...

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Activity Overview

One evening while having Family Game Night, our family created a secret handshake using suggestive input from all family members. Now, not only do we have a family handshake, but family members now have unique and silly secret handshakes among themselves. It is a great way to practice sequencing, memory and motor skills, but also a fun way of connecting with one another that is unique to that particular relationship. So, if you don't have a secret handshake, make one. Feel free to use any body part or sound in your handshake. You could tap elbows, bump hips, wiggle fingers, make a silly sound while doing a movement.

Materials Needed


How to Do It

  1. It couldn't be easier! Draw numbers or have a parent select the order that the family handshake will be contributed to.
  2. The first person adds one motion and the second adds one motion, sound etc. Keep going around until everyone has had input.
  3. Have fun practicing the sequence and enjoy all of the laughter that ensues.
  4. Continue to practice the family or individual secret "handshake" whenever the moment feels right. It is really so much fun. Before a family game night, perhaps or when you are together at a family event.
  5. The kids in the family will undoubtedly start creating their own secret handshakes. I personally enjoy having secret handshakes with each of my children. They are much simplified between indivuals usually, but nonetheless just as unique to each connection.

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