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Seesaw Indoor Play Center

Activity Overview

The Seesaw Indoor Play Center makes plenty of toys and activities available to young children in a safe and friendly environment. Here they have the freedom to play with a variety of toys in a space of about 2,000 square feet. This experience of open play with other children is great for their social skills and development. They can also benefit both physically and mentally from puzzles, reading, challenges, sports and more which can all be found here too. All the while they are playing you can supervise your kid to make sure they don't have any problems!

Things to Do

  • When the weather turns bad during the colder months a visit to the Seesaw Indoor Play Center is a perfect option for a fun day with your child. Children are usually split up by age to ensure they play with age appropriate toys and materials and share with other kids their own age. They can play dress up with various clothes and costumes, tackle climbing structures, try to work out puzzles, read or be read to and much more.
  • The Center are veterans at holding children's birthday parties. Guests will receive the use of a party room, access to the play area and a staff member who is tasked with helping make sure everything runs smoothly. The only stipulation is that you must be a member of the Center to organize a party there.

Seesaw Indoor Play Center Insider Tips

  • The Seesaw Center is closed on Sundays throughout the year

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