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Set Up a Family Photo Booth At Home

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Activity Overview

Set the stage at home for lots of giggles and capture the magic of childhood and family on film. We have all seen the popularity of photo booths at weddings and other party events. The photos taken and shared really capture the exuberant spirit of the day. Get ready for some laughter and long lasting memories when you create this family photo booth right at home.

Gather some dress up props of any kind and a camera and surprise the family with a fun photo booth session. Some items that you might round up are hats, feather boas, sunglasses, masquerade masks, mustaches, beads etc. You can make your own mustaches or masquerade masks and tape them to a stick for a quick and easy prop.

If your kids are old enough, hand them the camera for some turns as well. It is amazing what they will capture from their own perspective. Take individual and group shots and capture the silliness and joy. They may be the most memorable and smile provoking pictures that you ever take. This idea is great for a family fun night or a party.

Materials Needed

  • A camera
  • Dress up props of any kind

How to Do It

  1. Simply gather props of any variety and set them on a table or in a basket.
  2. Select a backdrop which can be indoors or outdoors. It doesn't have to be anything fancy. Trees in the background or a favorite chair or wall color indoors work great.
  3. Give each individual or group a few minutes to decide on what props they would like to use and adorn themselves with.
  4. Assign a photographer and rotate this role if you can, so that everyone can be involved.
  5. Snap pictures of individuals and groups posing in their accessories.
  6. Share the photos and print them out for lasting memories. You may want to have some frames handy.
  7. If your camera has a timer feature, try to get a family shot. You won't regret it!

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