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Set Up An Indoor Clothesline for Toddlers

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Activity Overview

Toddlers are always ready with a helpful hand when it comes to daily household tasks and they love to mimic what their role models do. Sometimes this involves undoing things like those laundry piles that were so neatly folded.

Try keeping those little hands and young minds actively engaged in pretend play atlaundry time by creating a quick and easy Indoor Clothesline. Our toddler goes right to work and frolicking in the busy job of hanging clothes on his own clothesline. Pinching the clothespin is also great for building hand strength and developing fine motor skills!

Materials Needed

  • Length of ribbon
  • Clothespins
  • Doll clothes or mismatched socks

How to Make and Play

  1. Cut a desired length of ribbon that is at least several feet long.
  2. Use clothespins to attach the ribbon to two objects in your home like a chair and a railing.
  3. Gather a small basket of doll clothing or mismatched socks and several spring loaded clothespins.
  4. Encourage your child to use the clothespins to clip up each piece of clothing along the length of the ribbon.
  5. When the clothes are "dry" and playtime is over, they can unclip the laundry and place it back in the basket just like the grownups do.

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