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Shaving Foam Marbled Art

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Activity Overview

It is fun and easy to make your own marbled art projects on paper. Kids can try this Shaving Foam Art Project to create beautiful and originally designed art on the paper of their choice. You can use the artwork to make cards or for use as stationary or simply to enjoy the beauty of the transformed page. This craft is great for kids of all ages to enjoy. You may want to use smocks, as this project can get messy when little ones are involved.

Materials Needed

  • Shaving Foam
  • Food coloring
  • Craft sticks
  • Card
  • Drawing Paper or Doilies

How to Make It

  1. On a work surface, squirt shaving foam for each person.
  2. Drop a couple of drops of desired food coloring shades onto different spots on the foamed area.
  3. Using your craft sticks swirl the shaving foam around until it has a marbleized look to it. Try not to over swirl it or else it will become one uniform color instead of the desired swirls of color that is the intent here.
  4. Dip your doily or paper into the swirled mixture. Press down lightly on the paper so that the color can be easily distributed across the paper.
  5. Carefully life the paper or doily.
  6. Use a straight edge card to scrape away any excess shaving foam.
  7. Let the paper dry and Voila! You should have a marbleized or tie-dyed masterpiece.

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