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Side-Splitting Insect Jokes for Kids

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Side Splitting Insect Jokes for Kids

Enjoy loads of laughter with these Side Splitting Insect Jokes for Kids. Children will enjoy sharing these fun and family friendly bits of humor with their family and friends.

What did the caterpillar do on New Year's Day?

It turned over a new leaf.

Why did the bee go to the allergist?

It had a lot of hives.

Why did the firefly stop at the grocery store.

She wanted a light snack.

Why did the fly avoid landing on the computer?

He was afraid of the World Wide Web.

The boy and the snail

A boy heard a knock at his door. When he opened the door, he looked down and the only thing he saw a snail. The boy picked up the snail and threw it as far as he could into the yard. 10 years passed and the boy grew up into a man. The man heard a knock at his door. When he answered the door he saw no one, until he looked down and saw that the snail was back. The snail looked up at him and said "Hey! What was that for?"

What do you call a fly without wings?

A walk

What is worse than finding a worm in your apple?

Finding half a worm in your apple.

What did the judge do when a stinkbug entered her courtroom?

She banged her gavel and said "Odor in the court!"

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