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Silly Bird Jokes for Kids

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Silly Bird Jokes

Here is a selection of Silly Bird Jokes that is certain to get your family and friends chirping with laughter. Share some of these bird jokes with others and tickle their feathers with each hilarious punchline.

What is smarter than a talking parrot?

A spelling bee

Why do Hummingbirds hum?

Because they forgot the words

How to crows stick together in their flock?

Lots of Velcrow

What do you call an eagle with the flu?


Why were all of the forest animals laughing at the owl?

Because he was a real hoot

What kind of bird never misses a meal?

A swallow

Why do seagulls fly over the sea?

Because if they flew over the bay they would be called baygulls

Did you hear the story about the peacock?

It was quite a beautiful tail

What do you call a woodpecker that doesn't have a beak?

A headbanger

What happens when a duck flies upside down?

He quacks up

What do you call a bunch of birds playing hide and seek?

Fowl play

What did the bird do when he jumped out of an airplane?

He made sure he opened his parrot-chute

What did the little bird say to the big bird?

Peck on someone your own size.

Which bird does construction work?

The crane

What kinds of birds spend a lot of time on their knees?

Birds of prey

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