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Silver Comet Trail

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4573 Mavell Rd, Smyrna, GA
URL: Silver Comet Trail  Phone: 404.875.7284

Activity Overview

The Silver Comet Trail is a popular rail trail designed by Atlanta's PATH Foundation that covers over 60 miles of beautiful Georgia countryside from the city of Smyrna all the way to the Alabama border. If your family enjoys hiking, running, cycling, rollerskating, or simply going for a leisurely countryside stroll with your dog, then the Silver Comet Trail is a must-visit attraction. If the 61-mile trail isn't long enough for you, it also connects to the scenic Chief Ladiga Trail, which starts at the Alabama border and continues on for another 33 miles.

Things to Do

  • Go for a family hike along the Silver Comet Trail, which is named after the Silver Comet passenger train that ran along the same route from 1947 through 1969.
  • Spend an entire day cycling along the trail - there are plenty of places to stop along the way, including a shopping center, several picnic areas, and various trailheads with restrooms.
  • Stop by the Cedartown Depot, a replica of an old train station which features exhibits on the history of the Silver Comet as well as restrooms and concessions.

Silver Comet Trail Insider Tips

  • Plan your outdoor adventure along the trail using this interactive trail map, which includes information on attractions and amenities like restrooms, water fountains, and picnic areas located along the trail.
  • View this website for more information on trail highlights, nearby attractions, and places to eat along the trail.
  • If you want to continue into Alabama on the Chief Ladiga Trail, you can find maps and more information on its features, such as beautiful wetland and forest habitats, here.

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