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Activity Overview

Snapology is a play area where kids are given the freedom to work creatively to build and create so that they essentially teach themselves without realizing it. IT was started when two mothers recognized the fun and educational opportunities that were inherent in creative play with building materials for children. The first Snapology was set up in Pittsburgh but many others have since sprung up around the country; there could be one right near you!

Things to Do

  • Snapology derives its approach from research which claims that children learn most when they are engaged in hands-on activities. The theory goes that when their minds are more fully involved in creating, designing and working with materials on their own volition they are more likely to take in lessons and retain information. The added bonus is that it's easier to keep them occupied and quiet! So it's a win for the learning child and a win for the parent who will hopefully get some time to relax!
  • Snapology opens its doors to individuals for hourly visits or you can organize a large group. Parents do not need to stay if their child is over 5 years of age and can simply drop them off to enjoy themselves. Birthday Parties with a range of themes to choose from can also be provided.

Snapology Insider Tips

  • There are almost twenty Snapology locations in the United States and Canada and there could very well be more soon. To check out if you are close to any check out the map with the addresses of each location on their website.

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