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Sony Wonder Technology Lab

Indoor Free
Science Museums, Birthday Parties, School Trip, Educational
550 Madison Avenue, New York, NY
URL: Sony Wonder Technology Lab...  Phone: 212-833-8100

Activity Overview

The Sony Wonder Technology Lab is an interactive technology museum in New York City. It is located within the Sony Tower, a 37-story skyscraper in Manhattan that used to be the headquarters of Sony Corporation of America. This museum features four stories of fascinating technology-themed exhibits for visitors of all ages. During your visit, you can learn about how the internet works, explore the uses of nanotechnology, program a robot, created an animated character, and much more!

Things to Do

  • Visit the How Devices Work exhibit to learn about the inner workings of your favorite technological devices, including a video game console, a cellphone, and a digital camera!
  • Don't miss the exhibit on nanotechnology - both children and adults will be fascinated to learn about how this modern technology is being used by the fashion, transportation, and health industries.
  • If your kid wants to be a surgeon one day, let them practice their skills in the Vital Surgery exhibit, where they can feel what it's like to perform open heart surgery on a virtual patient!
  • Program a robot in the Robot Zone and watch as it interacts with other robots according to your instructions!

Sony Wonder Technology Lab Insider Tips

  • Admission is free! However, the museum is very popular, so if you want to guarantee that you can visit on a certain day, make sure to book tickets at least one week in advance. Learn more about reservations on their Admission page.
  • Check out their Events & Workshops page to explore the list of fun-filled family workshops that you can participate in - they include informative demonstrations and hands-on activities like making puppets or learning to use a computer.
  • Attend a film screening - the museum shows children's films and former Hollywood blockbusters most Saturdays.

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