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South Shore Children's Museum


Activity Overview

South Shore Children's museum is a fun, educational and informative museum for children, they are located in Hanover Mall in Hanover, MA. The museum features interactive exhibits for kids, birthday party rooms and many events. South shore lets you donate clothes, towels and other clothing with the help of the museum fundraiser, which is a great initiative. Children can learn a lot about American history in a fun and interactive way, the museum is open Tuesday through Sunday.

Things to Do

  • South Shore Children's museum is not only about learning, it's about being creative and sparking curiosity in kids.
  • There are many exhibits and activities for kids, children will learn how pioneers came riding the wagons and how they completed their journeys.
  • The native American exhibit shares the history of the natives, and children can build railroads as they engage in the early railroad exhibit.
  • Story time is a fun activity for kids, story time includes story telling and craft making.
  • Come and join during the trunk or treat party and enjoy many fun activities geared towards kids.

South Shore Children's Museum Insider Tips

  • The family membership is a good deal and members get free admission.
  • Celebrate your child's birthday at the museum with a cool theme.

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