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Sponge Blocks

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Activity Overview

Create your own homemade building set from simple sponges and a pair of scissors. If you are like me, you are oftentimes looking for great activities that are mess free and travel well. I am usually toting around an activity bag nonstop. These Sponge Blocks have become one of the go to staples in my activity bag and I am relived both by how lightweight they are, but how engaging they are for little ones.

These sponge blocks are great for a younger sibling to bring along to an older sibling's activity or just about anywhere. They are fun to build and stack with and never noisy, mess or cumbersome to tote around. As an added bonus, if they get dirty, they are very easily washed and dried.

Materials Needed

  • Several Packages of colored plain sponges
  • Sharp scissors

How to Make and Play

  1. Use a sharp pair of scissors to cut thick uniform strips out of sponges.
  2. Take a couple of rectangular sponges and cut a partial circle in them from end to end to form arches.
  3. Allow the sponge pieces to dry out.
  4. Stack them like blocks and build.

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