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Spongeball Soakers

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Activity Overview

Spongeball Soakers are a great craft which will also replace water balloons for active play. Unlike water balloons, you can use these over and over again and there are no latex pieces of balloon to pick up later. Crafters will have fun making these nifty balls of sponge which soak up a plethora of water. Stay cool in the summer as you launch these cool toys at each other or have a pass with them in the pool.

Materials Needed

  • Several Sponges
  • Dishrags, a fabric floppy mop, or shelf liner
  • An elastic band or ziptie for each
  • Scissors

How to Make Them

  1. You will need to cut your sponges lengthwise, Cut the absorbent fabric flaps from your mop off and cut your shelf liner to the length of your sponges. They should all be even in length.
  2. Simply pick them up and cinch them all together in the center. You can use an elastic band, twine or a trusty zip tie creates great results.
  3. If you use a zip tie, cinch it tightly and use your scissors to cut off the tab as closely as you can to the center. The sponge is so fluffy that the hard plastic will not be a problem as long as you cinch tightly and cut off the excess cleanly.
  4. Fluff up your spongeballs.
  5. Make a bunch of them and soak them in buckets.

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