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Staten Island Ferry

Outdoor Free
Touristy, Special Needs
4 South St, New York, NY
URL: Staten Island Ferry  Phone: 718-815-BOAT

Activity Overview

This half-hour cruise offers great water views of the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, and lower Manhattan—and it's FREE!

Things to Do

  • The primary purpose of the Staten Island ferry isn't sightseeing, it's commuter transportation. On weekdays, five ferries make 109 trips a day, taking Staten Island residents to their jobs in Manhattan.
  • While there is no 'narration', you'll still feel the wind in your hair and enjoy the exact same views that you'd get from an "official" cruise around Manhattan. The Staten Island Ferry is perfect for those who'd like a closer look at the Statue of Liberty, but can't spare a whole day, or don't want to deal with large crowds and long lines.
  • The Manhattan-side ferry terminal is called Whitehall Terminal. During rush hour on weekdays, ferries run about every 15 minutes; otherwise, they depart every 30 minutes. Click here for ferry schedules.

Staten Island Ferry Insider Tips

  • It's perfectly okay, and quite common, to ride the ferry to its Staten Island Terminal and then ride it right back to Manhattan, clicking photos all the while. However, all passengers are required to disembark at the terminal. You can then re-board the ferry for the return ride.
  • Ferries have concession stands where you can purchase a light snack while en route.
  • Being on the water can be chilly; even in the summer, you may be more comfortable with a sweater or light jacket.

Ferries operate year-round, but keep in mind the decks can be slippery in bad weather.

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