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Sterling Memorial Library

Indoor Free
Libaries, School Trip, Cultural, Historical
120 High St, New Haven, CT
URL: Sterling Memorial Library  Phone: 203-432-1775

Activity Overview

Sterling Memorial Library is the main library at historic Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut. It consists of a beautiful Gothic-style building constructed in 1930 which resembles a cathedral and contains over 4 million books. In addition to being known for architectural features such as gorgeous stained glass windows and fascinating sculptures, it also contains several special collections of items such as maps, cuneiform writing, and materials related to bookbinding.

Things to Do

  • Explore the building in order to see impressive architectural features such as side chapels, reliefs, courtyards, and the immense tower.
  • View the Yale Babylonian Collection, which is one of the most important collections of cuneiform tablets and other artifacts from ancient Mesopotamia in the world.
  • Take some time to view some of the 680 beautiful stained glass panels throughout the library's nave, tower, and reading rooms, which depict various themes as well as historic scenes related to Yale.

Sterling Memorial Library Insider Tips

  • Check out Yale University Library events calendar before your visit - it contains information on all kinds of public exhibitions on topics related to history, literature, anthropology, religion, music, and more.
  • One of the best ways to learn about the art, architecture, and history of the building is by taking one of the university's many guided campus tours.
  • If you do decide to take a tour of the university and the library, make sure to ask for the special scavenger hunt for your child to complete in order to make the tour more entertaining for them.

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