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Sticky Window Art Mural

Activity Overview

If you are looking for a way to keep the kids occupied in an artful manner, try setting up a Sticky Window Mural Station in your home. In this activity, clear contact paper creates a sticky surface for art to be created by children of all ages.

You can use any lightweight craft supplies and scraps that you have on hand to easily stick your way to beautiful artwork. Create abstract art or more structured designs. You will be amazed with what the kids come up with and the activity is virtually mess free.

Materials Needed

  • Clear Contact Paper
  • Scotch Tape
  • Assorted decorative craft supplies of your choice

How to Do It

  1. Cut a large piece of clear contact paper to suit the portion of the window that you would like to use. Upon selecting a window, make sure that the child will be able to reach all areas of the contact paper with ease.
  2. Peel the backing off of the contact paper but hold it up to the window with the sticky side facing you.
  3. Use Scotch tape to adhere to corners of the contact paper to the window. Again the sticky part should be facing outward toward you.
  4. Create pictures with whatever craft supply medium that you have on hand. Some suggestions include, pom poms, feathers, googly eyes, paper scraps, colored toothpicks, string etc. Anything lightweight should stick.

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