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Strasenburgh Planetarium

Indoor $
Science Museums, School Trip, Educational, Adventurous
657 East Ave, Rochester, NY
URL: Strasenburgh Planetarium  Phone: 585-271-4320

Activity Overview

Enjoy a spectacular star show or a laser show at one of the world's largest planetarium, Strasenburgh Planetarium in Rochester city, New York. Strasenburgh planetarium was opened in 1968, and it is a part of the Rochester Museum and Science center. The planetarium is a family-friendly destination, gives an exciting and enriching experience about the space around us, stars, planets, and different animals of the animal kingdom. Be seated at the beautifully constructed 65-foot dome, the planetarium has 225 seats and giant screens. The name of the world-class planetarium is after it's benefactors, Mr. & Mrs. Edwin G. Strasenburgh. The planetarium features giant screens, Saturday night laser shows, and free telescope viewing. Star shows and giant-screen shows are usually scheduled on the weekends.

Things to Do

  • Families can enjoy some amazing star and nature shows in the planetarium, "Amazing Journeys" show will take you through the scenic parts of Mexico, see butterflies, gray whales, red crabs, birds, and other exotic animals.
  • Explore the wonders of nature and be mesmerized, children will love the show, Sun, Moon and Stars that let you take a flight and back to the sun, moon and the stars in the solar system.
  • Face of the earth show is an exciting journey, see the earth from the space; spot land, water and ice on the earth's surface.
  • Meet the thundering dinosaurs in the "dinosaurs show", be amazed and travel back to the world of dinosaurs, witness the end of the reign of the dinosaurs, and discover remains of the dinosaurs in Argentina.
  • Shows usually last for 40-50 minutes, tickets for the shows are available online.
  • Laser shows are themed with popular rock, pop and classic music playing in the background.
  • View the planets and the stars with a free telescope viewing every Saturday night.
  • For kids meals and healthy food, visit the Mario's cafe in the Rochester Museum.

Strasenburgh Planetarium Insider Tips

  • Children aged 5 and below are not admitted on the laser shows.
  • Free parking is available.

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