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Super Silly Riddles for Kids

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Super Silly Riddles for Kids

Try out some of these silly and engaging riddles for kids. Share them with your family and friends and see how many you can figure out on your own. These language based basic riddles are a fun play on words that focus on basic content that kids can easily understand.

What building has more and more stories than any book can hold?

A Library

Name something that becomes white when it becomes dirty.

A Black board

Why did Gerald throw a bucket of water from his very high balcony?

He wants to see waterfall.

I have four eyes but cannot see.


How many people are buried in a cemetery?

All people are buried in a cemetery.

What do you call a bear without ears?


What always comes down but never goes up?

The rain

What only has a head and a tail.

A coin

How can you tell if the ocean is friendly?

Because it always waves!

What has over 80 keys and doesn't unlock anything?

A piano

Brianna fell off a 150 step staircase without getting hurt. How?

She fell off the bottom step.

How many apples grow on a tree?

All of them. Apples only grow on trees.

When you have more of me, you see less and less.

The dark

A truck driver was going on by the one way road right into opposing traffic. The traffic police noticed him and but took no action against him. Why?

He was just walking

Which is faster... hot or cold?

Hot is faster, because you can easily catch a cold.

What you can put in a heavy wooden box that can make it weigh lighter?


What is something that everyone in the whole world does at the same time.

Grow older

What can you hold without seeing or touching it?

Your Breath

Gauri R.
Beautiful ones!
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