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Super Straw Planes

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Activity Overview

Get ready for hours of family aviation fun when you make these variations of straw planes. Play around with the different shape combinations and let the excitement build as each plane that you make takes on a different flight pattern. I recommend making several of these fun and easy to make flyers. These are not your typical paper airplanes, so they will definitely add lots of interest on kids play dates and can be used both inside the house or out.

Materials Needed

  • Card stock cut into strips that are 1" by 6"
  • Scotch Tape
  • Drinking Straws

How It is Made

  1. Tape two of the strips together to create the shapes for the back of the plane.
  2. Fold and tape them into a triangle, a square, and a circle.or a rectangle or oval.
  3. Secure with scotch tape.
  4. Do the same process to make the front shapes except they will be smaller so only use one of the strips for these. Make shapes of your choice that correspond to the shapes above.
  5. You can also experiment with mixing and matching shapes.
  6. Tape the large shape to the back of a straw and the smaller shape to the front of the straw, making sure that the weight is evenly distributed.
  7. Let it fly like a paper airplane and try out the different shapes and shape combinations.

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